One of the most important things that a program in Christian Formation can do is to help people discern the calls from God that will shape their lives. This short course will use resources of the New Testament and a lifespan approach to reflect upon the various ways in which God calls people to fullness of life from childhood through old age. Emphasis will be placed upon the particularity of God’s call, the social nature of call, and the tensions that can be felt as people respond faithfully to multiple powerful calls (marriage, work, parenthood, friendship, community life, church involvement, school, etc.).

We humans have a primary habitat: the body. And we Christians follow a tradition that tells us that our bodies are central to identity, to formation and to ministry. In our time together we will spend time with scripture, with some anatomy, with experience, with some practices of prayer and with theological reflection. Our class sessions will allow us to attend to embodied life and to our call as the Body of Christ to live in mercy, in kindness and in love.