This course is an introduction to the field of multicultural counseling which will include learning different theories and strategies in working with diverse populations. Students will have the opportunity to explore ways in which their own culture forms their worldview and how this worldview may impact the counseling process. Students will also learn about impact of culture on behavior and how to use that knowledge to increase effectiveness in counseling individuals from other cultures. In addition, students will be exposed to counselor multicultural competencies in which they are expected to obtain the knowledge, skill, and awareness of working with different ethnicities, race, sexual orientation and gender.

This course addresses many special topics in human development. These critical experiences represent some of the more common and complex clinical issues, which need to be understood from a developmental and relational perspective. The text and course will examine how the issues presented impact our ability to form and sustain growth-fostering relationships throughout our lives. Such topics include: An overview of traditional theories, physiological, cognitive, social, emotional, personality, spiritual, and moral development from conception to death. Legal and ethical issues related to human development, as well as diversity issues, will be reviewed in relation to human services.

Career Counseling and Development

Counseling Children and Adolescents